This section will explain the features of the HLDJ Setup program; features and options as detailed in other sections of the manual. If this is your first time using HLDJ, you may want to read the Getting Started section first.

Setup covers the following topics:
Adding a Game
Adding all Games

Adding a Game

To add a game, start off by hitting the Add button. Next, enter the directory of the game into the Game Directory field. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the Browse button located next to the field. Navigate your way to the game's directory (if you need help finding this or don't know what this is, see the Game Directory entry in the glossary). The status light tells you whether or not you have selected a valid game directory. It will remain red until a valid game directory has been selected, at which time it will change to green , and the "Select" button will become enabled. Once you are sure you have the right game directory selected, press the "Select" button to set the Game Directory field to the currently selected directory (or press "Cancel" to leave the field unchanged).
If you have selected the game directory using the above method, you will notice that the Engine field will have automatically updated itself to match the game directory you just selected. If on the other hand, you have manually typed in the game directory, you must also manually set the Engine field to match the engine type of the game you just typed in.

Next, specify the location of your audio files in the Audio Directory field.
Important: All audio files *must* be in in proper HL audio format (wav format using 8000Hz (HL game) or 11025Hz (Source game) frequency, 16-bit sampling rate, mono-channel) in order for them to sound properly.
If this is your first time using Setup, you will notice that a default directory is already supplied for you. If you already have a directory that contains your audio files, specify that directory instead. To do that, press the Browse button located next to the field. Navigate to and select the folder that contains your appropriately formatted audio files. Press the "Select" button to set the Audio Directory field to the currently selected directory (or "Cancel" to leave it unchanged).
Alternatively, if you do not already have an audio directory, you can just leave it set to the default directory and HLDJ will create it for you. You can then place your converted audio files into this directory as you create them.

Now, select the key that will play your audio file from the Play audio key drop-down combo box. This will be the key you press to start/stop audio playback in-game. It can be anyone of the values appearing in the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can choose not to specify a key now, and instead bind one manually when you are in the game (in which case, setup will prompt you to confirm this).

You can now choose to specify a name for the game as it will appear in the game list. You can also choose not to specify a name, in which case the default name for that game (the name of its directory) will be used instead.

You are now ready to add the game: press the Ok button to add the game to the Games List (or press Cancel to cancel adding the game). Before adding the game, you can also alter some of it's advanced properties via the Advanced tab. To expand the Advanced tab, toggle the Advanced button. To collapse the advanced tab, toggle it again (). For the most part, you rarely ever need to change the advanced properties of a game, except when Using Custom Game Icons or Adding a 3rd-Party Source Mod. For an explanation on each of the advanced properties, see the Advanced section further below.