This section covers the configuration options of HLDJ. There are four different option sections: Start-up, Override, Optimizations and Spraypaint. Each section has a Reset to Defaults button which resets the default options for that section and a Help button, as well as an Ok (save changes and close Options), Cancel (discard changes and close Options), and Apply (save changes) button. Each option section and its settings are explained further.

Options covers the following topics:


These options configure how HLDJ behaves on start-up and when starting a game.
Default Game - the game to select as default when HLDJ starts.
Launch game application - allows HLDJ to launch the correct game application for you.
Minimize to tray - minimizes HLDJ to a tray icon (single-click for menu, double-click to restore).
Minimize on game start - minimize HLDJ before starting a game.
Auto-start default game - automatically start the default selected game when HLDJ starts.


This allows you to specifiy settings that will temporarily override the settings of the current game profile. Settings listed here are analogous to those found in Setup.
Override settings - allows the settings listed below to temporarily override settings for the current game profile.
Play audio key - the key used to start/stop audio-play back while in-game.
Enable Quick-Select - enable selection of audio files/folders by number.
Display Mode - controls what types of files are displayed in the audio list.


These enables optimizations that may improve sound/network quality during playback as well as HLDJ's response time.
Enable rate optimizations - allows HLDJ to automatically adjust network rates for audio playback. Each rate has a Default value and an Optimized value. The Default value should be the rate you normally use and the Optimized value should be a lower rate used for playback (to reduce network use). How low is up to you (some expirementation may help), but generally the rates already supplied in the Optimized field should work well for HL1 games (Source games tend to not need optimization).
cl_cmdrate - (command rate) the rate at which you send (upload) data to the server.
cl_updaterate - (update rate) the rate at which you receive (download) data from the server.
Update selection every... - the time (in milliseconds) between HLDJ checking for a new command. This should not be altered unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and/or are experiencing delays between when you issue a command and when HLDJ responds to it.


For HL1 games, HLDJ can load spraypaint (.wad) files for you. This works in much the same way as audio files:
place your spraypaint files into your audio directory (or a sub directory) and they will be displayed in the audio list with a "*" appended to their name (so that you can distinguish them from audio files). Then simply select the spray as you would an audio file and it will become the new spraypaint for the current game (it may take a while/a map restart before the new spraypaint shows).
As mentioned, this option only affects games using the Half-Life engine since Source has its own mechanism for supporting and changing custom spraypaint files.
Enable spraypaint selection - allows HLDJ to recognize, display, and load spraypaint files (.wad) when you select them in the list.
Make spraypaints read-only - check this option to create the spraypaints as read-only. Because Half-Life has a tendancy to overwrite custom spraypaints with default ones that it supplies, enabling this option will ensure that your spraypaint is saved until you load a new one.