Main Application

This section will explain how to start, use, and configure HLDJ.

Main Application covers the following topics:
Starting a Game
Stopping a Game
Other Tasks

Starting a Game

To start a game in HLDJ, select it from the Select Game drop-down list, and press the Start button. If you have configured Options to automatically launch the game for you, just sit back and wait for the game to start, if not, then start the game as you normally would (making sure you start the same game that you have started in HLDJ).
HLDJ may also minimize itself to the system tray, depending if you have enabled those options as well.
While a game is started, another game cannot be selected and any changes made in Setup will only be applied after the current game is stopped first.

Stopping a Game

A started game can be stopped through a number of ways: by hitting the Stop button, by entering one of the HLDJ stop or quit commands in-game (see In-Game commands), or by quitting HLDJ.
Stopping a game is necessary in order to start another one, but most importantly, it signals to HLDJ that it is time to clean up any files that it has generated. Since quitting also stops a game, you rarely ever have to worry about files not being cleaned up, however if for some reason your HLDJ has been terminated abruptly while a game is started, you should re-open it and start and stop the game again to initiate the clean-up and then check the game directory to make sure that all HLDJ-created files were removed properly.

Other tasks

From the Main Application you can also perform the other following tasks:
Selecting a game from the Select Game drop-down list will display its settings in the display area below it.
To Launch the Setup window, press the Setup button.
To Launch the Options window, press the Options button.
To receive help on an item (and launch a section of this manual), click the Help button, and select the appropriate topic.
To quit HLDJ, press the Exit button.